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Understanding My Bill - Residential - Arkansas Water - Liberty

Understanding My Bill

To help you better understand the terms used on your bill, an example bill is provided for reference to walk through each item and identify terms you may wish to look up. 

Sample Residential Bill


Bill Explainer


Did you know, for customer convenience, there are non-Liberty charges that appear on your Pine Bluff Water Bill?

The "Current Charges" section of your statement is the total amount of charges incurred during the billing period. For our Pine Bluff customers, this section includes additional charges outside of those charged by Liberty for your water service. In addition to your Liberty water service, you may see the following charges on your bill:

  • Sanitation Charge
  • Sewer Facility Charge
  • Storm Water Fee
  • Sewer Charge Consumption

Liberty bills these charges on behalf of other entities to reduce the number of utility bills Pine Bluff residents receive each month. These line items are not part of your standard Liberty water charges, and the money collected from these charges is passed back to the entities.

Breaking Down Your Bill

In October, we mailed customers valuable information about the new bill design and why we made these changes. Click here to view this information. 

The video below also walks you through your bill and shows you where all the most important information can be located. 

Your Liberty Bill Explained:


Understanding My Bill